Because we love Nature

Our Efforts to Save the Environment

We do our best to save power and resources in our buildings in order to minimize the impact we have on the environment.
We continuously school our employees. Their skills and cooperation are crucial for the success of this project.
We document our weekly heating, water, waste water as well as electricity consumption in order to evaluate our energy saving measures and to determine how the resources are used.
In addition, we participate in the “Energiekampagne Gastgewerbe”, a campaign by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. This initiative professionally supports our goal to do our part in saving the environment.

Of course, you also personally have a lot of opportunities to save energy and resources:
By applying an adequate airing and heating behavior you can also make a huge difference for the environment. The electricity consumption is also something you can influence by using the lighting and devices in a responsible way that matches your needs. You can be mindful about the environment by using laundry and water in a mindful way.

We run the PrimaVera parco on district heating that is centrally produced in an environmentally-friendly way:
The heating plant in the Fronmüllerstraße provides sustainable heating to the entire area of the former William-O’Darby Barracks, the neighboring area called Kalbsiedlung and the commercial space closeby as well as the Phonix Center area, the Hotel PrimaVera parco and the Infra-area. The existing CHP is powered by environmentally-friendly natural gas since August 2011. This way, it is possible to produce 18 million kWh of electricity for about 5,200 households in a 100 percent regenerative way. At the same time, about 18 million kWh of „green district heating” are produced which provide power for approx. 1,200 households.
The electricity for our two hotels is 100% clean. We get it from certified eco suppliers and it is won from renewable sources in a sustaiable way.

In the morning, we have the opportunity to treat the valuable resource that is our food with the due respect by only taking as much from the buffet as we actually want to eat. And don’t worry – we make sure to fill up the buffet regularly until breakfast time is over. Should there ever be anything missing from the buffet, do let us know.

Please support us in minimizing the environmental impact by using resources and energy in a conscious way and saving them.

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