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Welcome to Middle Franconia


The historic city of Fürth is loved by many for its marvelous buildings of historic importance that tell stories of 1000 years of city history. The streets around the old city center and the Michaeliskirche (Michael’s church) and the Grüner Markt (green market) are mostly Medieval. On your way from the Hornschuchpromenadet to the Fürther Freiheit (following the tracks of the first German train!), past the city theater to the mighty city hall with its square-shaped towers. You will be impressed by the visible wealth that the industrialization gave this area. The bishopric of Bamburg, the lords of Ansbach and the Reichsstadt Nuremberg ruled over this area for centuries, which made it possible for a large Jewish community to prosper here. The Jewish Museum will provide you with interesting impressions. The Stadtmuseum Ludwig Erhard provides comprehensive information on how the city developed over time. Burgfarrnbach Castle, the largest classicist castle in the south of Germany, is home the the city archives and venue to many cultural and festive events.


Close to the Hotel


The premises of our hotel are calm and spacious. They fit the area perfectly. The Südpark (south park) and the south of Fürth invite you to stroll. And all of this was a large barracks facility until the 1990ies. The award-winning neighborhood on the grounds of the former W. O’-Darby-Kaserne (barracks) is definitely worth a visit. It mixes modern architecture and historic style and it is a unique place in general. The Südpark is also home to the Fürth’s music school and the Wilhelm-Löhe-Hochschule (college for health and social sciences). You will also find the Phönix-Center not far from the hotel. This local shopping mall offers numerous excellent opportunities to shop and go out.
Also not far (1km) you will find the large city park. Along the rivers Rednitz, Regnitz and Pegnitz, you will find lots of green gardens and lawns so that you can go on long walks or bike rides, e.g. right into the heart of Nuremberg.
The Gäste-Guide can give you additional information on the area around the hotel.


A Trip Through History

The Old City Center

The Radio Museum of the City of Fürth with its numerous interesting objects on display is located in the former management office of the local company Max Grundig.
The first German train ran between the Fürther Freiheit and the Plärrer in Nuremberg along the Hornschuchpromenade. The subway line U1 runs above and below ground level in different places around the historic center.
The Gustavstraße with its Waagplatz and the Grüner Markt (green market) invite you to go on a culinary tour through the city center and its many bars and restaurants.
Learn more about our restaurant recommendations for the area around the hotel in our Gäste-Guide, which will help you find your way around in no time.


Outdoor Fun


Even though Fürth is a large city with a population of more than 130,000, you’re never far from nature. The center of Fürth is enclosed by the two rivers Rednitz and Pegnitz. The parks along the watercourses invite you to go for a walk or to get some outdoor exercise. Not far from city hall, the two rivers unite into the Regnitz which continues its course along Erlangen into Bamberg.
The population of Fürth’s secret love is the city park, which was built in the 50ies when one of the first federal garden shows took place here. The large park along the Pegnitz with its beautiful rose garden and the mighty trees as well as an outdoor stage that offers a versatile program – all of these invite guests from far and near. If you follow the river, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and eventually reach the center of Nuremberg.


First-Class Relaxation

The Thermal Baths

You will find the Thermal bath and fun center at the Rednitzgrund Fürthermare on the other side of the city. You will surely love the Fürthermare and all it has to offer – no matter if it’s your first visit or if you go there regularly. Feel comfortable the moment you arrive, have fun with friends, improve your wellbeing, find calm and relaxation, let go and enjoy this wonderful place with all your senses – whatever it is you feel like today:
Healing thermal water does wonders to keep you healthy, no matter how old you are. You can enjoy the thermal baths indoor and outdoor year-round. The soothing effect of water and heat offer an ideal way to combine health benefits and spa aspects.
The Majorcan sauna area offers versatile themed saunas and steam baths. Various onpouring ceremonies will stimulate your senses. Several relaxation rooms invite you to dream. Enjoy nature and forget about your worries: You will love the idyllic sauna garden with its beautiful plants and large sunny terrace in summer and winter alike.
The Spaßbad (Fun Bath) offers numerous outdoor and indoor attractions on 1,200 square meters: Slides, swim current, large water playgrounds for the little ones, steam baths, a restaurant, a sun bathing lawn and lots of other great things. And there is a large outdoor area in the summer! This adds up to a total of 4,000 square meters of water.


For Kids of all Ages

Playmobil Funpark

About 8 kilometers from the hotel you will find the Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf. This themed park is an excellent place for you and your entire family to spend a really great day any time of year. You can climb, balance and play on more than 90,000 m². The versatile PLAYMOBIL playgrounds are suitable even for the youngest children and will spark their wonderful imagination. This is the perfect place for anyone who wants to feel like a pirate, dinosaur hunter, knight, noble lady or princess. In the meantime, mom and dad can relax and enjoy the park atmosphere.
And in case the weather is not cooperative, prople of all ages will find enough space to have fun and spend a wonderful time in the 5,000m² HOB-Center with its glass walls and enormous PLAYMOBIL landscapes, versatile playgrounds, stage, restaurants and café as well as a climbing park with a roof and a labyrinth to play in.


Theater and Concerts

Cultural Events

Fürth is a culturally rich place: In addition to the theater with its numerous productions, the Kulturforum at the slaughterhouse as well as the municipal hall. The Comödie Fürth is well known beyond the borders of the region for comedy, cabaret, and boulevard theater plays. The Kofferfabrik (suitcase factory)offers space for alternative artists. Another thing worthy of mentioning is the rich arts scene in the area behind town hall.
Numerous festivals and festivities take place on the many beautiful plaza of the city. One very special occasion is the Fürther Michelis-Kirchweih.
Soccer is a popular subject in Fürth: In what league will the Spielvereinigung Greuther Fürth play next season?

The Franconian Metropolis


Our large neighboring city, Nuremberg, with its old city center that you can reach within 15 minutes by subway from the city center, offers numerous shopping and sightseeing opportunities as well as cultural events. You can reach the trade fair of Nuremberg within 20-25 minutes by subway without changing trains and you can get to the Nuremberg airport within 40 minutes.
Not only can you explore the beautiful landscape around Fürth, which is located in the middle of the greater Nuremberg area, by car – you will also find that it is easy to get around using public transport.
Our friendly staff at the reception will gladly provide you additional information on how to spend a great time in our region.